great weekend

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great weekend

Postby setue22 » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:25 pm

well my buddies started earlier in the morning then i got there at around noon. we pulled off the road stepped up and looked out into the field through our binocs. my two buddies and four running walkers were out there. i heard them open up then a shot, then on the radio came a talli ho!! meaning coyote down. well when the dogs got to the coyote he must still have had life left in him bc the male dog got laid open just above the eye.that didnt stop him. just pissed him off. well next drop nothing. the following drop was something else. they jump one. then it sounded like they were within a 100 yards of me in the woods then it changed direction i saw it bust out the woods. a guy missed it. well another guy dropped one at 85 yards dead in its tracks. i saw a fox shot and missed. shouldnt have aimed high. he was the fortunate one that got away. the three girls split on one and male, curley, spilt on another. found the girls. a black lab screwed them up. so we loaded the girls and went to fing old curley boy. then for the first time i saw about twenty wild turkeys. first time in my life. there was also 4 deer that he must have crossed paths with and got within 60 yards of and he didnt bother with them. the yote was shot at about 120 yards with a 17. it was a good shot.
first coyotes of the season. got three. shoulda been 4 and a fox :beer :roll: man was it a blast!!
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Re: great weekend

Postby JimE » Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:36 am

Im headed out in the mornin hope to get a nice run fresh snow and im ready to go !!!!!

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