Nice 10 month old Redtick/Plott cross WV

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Nice 10 month old Redtick/Plott cross WV

Postby RunToCatch » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:22 pm

10 month old male Plott/ Redtick cross. Looks like a blanket back plott. this is not your typical 10 month old. He has seen and been on a lot of bear since he was 5 months old. You can ride this dog all day on the rig with or without other dogs and he will Rig and start you bear track after bear track. He has good speed and does not quit. Loves a mean bear but isn't suicidal. has treed two bear by himself this fall. He will cold trail has well and has a huge mouth. Not a mean or ill hair on him in any way shape or form. not female crazy. he has was on over 10 kills last month. he does need some trash correction on coyotes off the rig once you ride him around a couple hours with no action. He isn't a finished hound but does everything consistently that a finished dog will do. The hard part is done. The sky is the limit for this young hound and I would love to see him go into the hands of an outfitter Or someone that hunts hard because he will be someones top lead dog one day soon. The only reason he is for sale is because I just bred three of my females and he is my youngest hound. I Have plenty of pictures and videos of the dog and would be more then willing to show him anytime, however right now a lot of our bears are sleeping. But I would still be willing to try our luck. I did find one last week. SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE. $1200 call 304-890-1613

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