New hunter from Southern Utah

Tell us a little about you and your hounds.
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New hunter from Southern Utah

Postby rowdyroundy435 » Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:43 pm

I've got a 3 year plott hound never been started on anything. We've been on a couple coon hunts with my friend that runs 5 hounds at a time for coons and sh just kinda runs around and has a good and doesn't really contribute. I really wanna start her on hogs and get a couple more hounds to learn from her. Looks like I'm gunna be working hard to get her goin. But if you're in Southern Utah and either want to hunt together or want to have some pups she an unfixed pure plott with no papers my number is (702) 637-8633. Or just PM me.

Cheers fellas :beer
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