Youth Deer Dog Hunts, Alabama

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Location: Alabama

Youth Deer Dog Hunts, Alabama

Postby curr-bone » Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:02 pm

Our hunting club (Good Old Boys Hunting Club) puts on a youth hunt on sat. and sun. for the youth on the weekend before the opener of gun season. We try to get as many kids that would like to try it out to come and see for themselves what deer hunting is like with dogs and just get a chance to have fun in the outdoors. Everything is free, a shaperone stands the youth during the hunts, and we typically quit around 2 or so in the afternoon and have a cookout.

Last year we had about 30 or so kids show up, some of which were first timers. Almost everyone got a shot between saturday and sunday, and a few were clean kills.

Call me if this sounds like something you would like for your kid to experience. You may also go to our website at for more info on our hunting club. We are also accepting new memberships and info for that is on the site.

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