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Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:59 am
by randyk
this article appeared in the august 2010 american hunter...wisconsin dnr and hsus? the wis.dnr partnered with the humane society of the united states (hsus) a group dedicated to banning all hunting. the dnr split the $12000.00 price tag for some public service announcements that aired to remind people not to handle young though the dnr gets most of its funds from hunting and fishinf license fees,and while it relies on hunters to control deer populations,for some reason it decided to legitimize a group that has filed lawsuits to stop bear hunting in california and new jersey,that is attempting to stop hunting on federal wildlife refuges and that basically does everything in its power to attack hunters and trappers.the wisconsin dnr should know better. this article is word for august 2010 page 24

its embarassing we live in this state. and to top it off we (hunters,fisherman,and trappers) just helped pay for this crap. everything is about money. im very young and i've watched in the last ten years how much has changed and its unbelievable and scary. i guess since everyone doesn't want to join in and fight this liberal crap enjoy the outdoors while its still here enjoy running hounds im sure thats next. ten people can't fight a war it takes everyone. from wisconsin to california to maine. i read BUDDY'S column yesterday bout writing good reasons and making strong points why we use hounds for hunting. he stated that he googled hunting with hounds and the hsus popped up write away with there false information. he wants everyone to pitch in and writing something good something TRUE bout using hounds or breeding or wat ever it may be. Im 20 i've been bear and coon hunting with plott hounds since i was ten and i would say that it is a time for me to bond with my family while enjoying and protecting the outdoors.And included in my family are my hounds which are taken care of better than me! idk how many times were out hunting or running and are picking up peoples trash on both public and private property. idk how many coon i've taken out of farmers fields to save crops. whether i trapped or ran them. why is it ok that cows are butchered for meat but i cant kill a deer without an anti balling? we hunt fish trap to manage populations and feed our familys? right? how bout this HUS Houndmen of the United States a group dedicated to hound hunting!! i wrote one of my reasons why now lets ALL join start writing even if we have the same reasons they do.