Plott Mom from Sand Mt. Alabama

Tell us a little about you and your hounds.
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Plott Mom from Sand Mt. Alabama

Postby Riley_King_Plott » Mon Sep 20, 2021 2:53 pm

Hello! I have a 14 week old Plott Hound puppy named Riley King. He has been such a good boy. He is so smart. He is registered with the AKC. He stays inside the house and goes out when he wants to play and use the bathroom. He is not fenced in or on a cable. He likes to roam the fields and the woods beside our home. Today he brought home a rabbit. I did not encourage this behavior, and now he is on the couch pouting. The poor rabbit is dead as a doornail. He has been a wonderful addition to my family and I love him so much!

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