Starting pups on e-collar

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Starting pups on e-collar

Postby bowieknife50 » Tue May 04, 2021 11:27 pm

Hi everyone,

What's your method to getting pups started on e-collars? Tone and/ or shock. How old before you would ever shock? General theories and methods? I have my own way but I'm sure it's not the best so I'd like to hear everyone else's.


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Re: Starting pups on e-collar

Postby tman308 » Wed May 05, 2021 10:39 am

Before I ever put a collar on them I get them to come with a leash. Essentially I use a long 20 ft leash and let it drag while they're running around. When I tell them to come if they don't listen I step on the end of the leash and I draw them into me. If you do this correctly transitioning to the e-collar is very easy. I use the same theory behind the e-collar the first few times I leave the leash on. When I tell them to come and they don't listen I say no and tone them at the same time if they don't listen again I tone them again step on the leash and draw them towards me once they figured out what the tone is I will slowly introduce the shock as the no. Done properly you will rarely have to shock your dogs to come to you. I have pups that rarely even get toned. I use the tone more for when they are out too far to hear me. The way I teach them they know if they don't stop doing whatever they're doing when they hear the tone the shock is coming. They figured out very quickly for me.

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Re: Starting pups on e-collar

Postby macedonia mule man » Thu May 06, 2021 7:48 am

Use bird dog whistle with e-coller is better than using voice. They seem to react quicker.
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Re: Starting pups on e-collar

Postby 35possums » Tue May 18, 2021 2:52 pm

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Re: Starting pups on e-collar

Postby scrubrunner » Fri May 21, 2021 3:12 am

I don’t start hunting my pups until they are almost a year old. Some I’ve collar broke to come before I’ve hunted them, some I’ve started before before collar broke to come. Haven’t noticed it made a difference.
I train to come and load when called and truck horn, no exception, no hesitation. I road hunt all my dogs together(6-8) in national forest with a lot of non-hunting traffic, when I see a vehicle coming dogs have to load,NOW! I haven’t ruined one yet.
If y’all are ruining dogs by shock training, you’ve got the juice way to high. You want to start on lowest setting, turn it up until dog cocks it’s head or pricks it’s ears up. That’s high enough, then call name and pull to you, do not take finger off button till you touch dog, then pet dog up good. Repeat till dog comes without pulling, then start call, tone, then shock if necessary.
Short 15 minute sessions a day, it doesn’t take long but it does take patience.
But the best advice I can give you is, read and follow the instructions that came with your unit. If you got it second hand google it, they have very good tutorials.
Trash breaking, I don’t call, I don’t tone, I light em up with it high enough they yelp. I’m not harsh on em if they haven’t been on much good game but I’m not going to knowingly let them run trash, ever.
Just the way I do it.
I like the results, I’m sure there are hundreds of other ways.

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